Monday, November 26, 2018


Yesterday my class went to Stardome. First we got to school early and then Miss Darcy did the roll. Next we went outside with room 15 and 17, where it was freezing cold. We walked to the astonishing, incredible bus. It was a double decker, this is like a bunk bed. As we got on the bus, Miss Darcy asked if we wanted to sit at the top? We all put our hands up so we strutted up to the top. As the bus started moving we were all excited. When we got to Stardome there was a moon on the entrance floor. We acted liked we were on the moon. Next we went to the colossal space room and we saw a man named David. He taught us about the solar system and the bright sun. He also taught us some stuff about the planets. After that we marched to the planetarium to look at constellations and to watch a movie called Tycho to the moon. First the classes stared at the dazzling, magnificent constellations. There were heaps of them! After we looked at the constellations the movie came on straight away without us even noticing. Tycho was a dog who went to space. After the movie ended it was time to go so we headed to the bus. I sat with Eesha. By the time we got back to school the lunch bell rang. So that was our great trip to Stardome.
By Eli

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