Saturday, February 24, 2018

Where the wild things are!

I have continued to be amazed by the writers in Room 16, they are amazing! We 'magpied' the phrase 'perishing with hunger' from 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl and so many of the children have added this to their writing. I used a technique called 'Talk for Writing' by Pie Corbett to teach the story to the children over the week adding in interesting vocabulary and ellipsis. Here are a few examples:

'Once upon a time there lived a boy called Max. He disobeyed him mum and she sent him to his room. He was hungry when his mum sent him to bed! He built a tent in his room. The trees started to surround him and up on the ceiling the green vines were swinging. Then a boat came by so he jumped onto it to where the wild things are. The wild things gnashed their teeth and roared their terrible roars! They made him king and danced like a herd of elephants. Then they jumped on the branch. Poor Max he wished he was at home so he jumped onto his boat. He nearly sailed a year. Then he came back and his supper was waiting for him and guess was still hot.'

By Claudia 

'One starry night Max built a tent. Max went to bed perishing with hunger. His room started to grow with long hanging trees. Suddenly a boat appeared out of nowhere. He jumped on it. He sailed from night and day. Finally he arrived there but the monsters roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth. He got frustrated "let the wild rumpus begin" they stomped like a herd of elephants. It was loud. Now he said "now stop". 
By Hartley

Getting to know each other: Kaydee's Brown bag autobiography

Kaydee was so excited to share with us her special things inside her brown bag. We had to squeeze in lots of speaking and listening time on Friday to fit it in. Kaydee showed us some special earrings she got for her birthday, her favourite food and a photo of her family. She said that she had brought the photo because her family are very special to her. Kaydee also showed us a photo of a doctor because she would like to be a doctor when she is older. One of the children asked why and Kaydee said "because I want to help people". I think Kaydee will make a fantastic doctor because she is hard working and very kind. Thank you for sharing Kaydee. 

Getting to know each other: Claudia's Brown bag autobiography

Claudia had lots to show us in her brown bag today. In the photo Claudia is showing us a drawing she has done. She is a talented artist and enjoys telling us about her drawing class that she goes to after school. Well done Claudia. Thank you for sharing things that are special to you with us. 

Getting to know each other: Amelia's Brown bag autobiography

Amelia really enjoyed sharing her brown bag autobiography with everyone. She brought in lots of toys that she likes playing with. Amelia told us that the pink toy in the photo is special because you can squeeze it to help calm yourself down if you feel upset or angry. Thank you for sharing these things with us Amelia. 

Getting to know each other: Isla's Brown bag autobiography

Isla was very eager to share her brown bag with us. We loved learning more about her and seeing some things that are special to her. Isla showed us a photo of her playing rugby, a heart shaped glass jar which she got as a gift, a photo of her family that have moved to America and the newspaper which had a photograph of Isla on the front. Thank you for sharing these things with us Isla - we loved learning more about you.  

Getting to know each other: Braxton's Brown bag autobiography

Braxton was really looking forward to sharing his brown bag with us. He had lots of exciting things inside including a special book and this certificate. Braxton told us about how rugby is special to him and how he got this certificate for scoring lots of tries. Well done you! I bet you are a great sportsman.  

Getting to know each other: Hartley's Brown bag autobiography

Hartley was very creative with his brown bag autobiography. He began by showing us 2 balloons and a balloon pump and then he showed us some instructions to make things from balloons. Hartley then demonstrated to the class how to make a flower using a balloon - the class were very impressed. So was I! You are very talented Hartley, you made us all laugh with your step by step instructions too. Thank you for sharing your special things Hartley.

Getting to know each other: Arnav's Brown bag autobiography

We enjoyed Arnav sharing the special objects inside his brown bag. We all know that Arnav loves learning about dinosaurs so we thought there might be something to do with dinosaurs inside. We enjoyed seeing the book that he chose to share with us. He also explained that it is written in Chinese. How amazing that Arnav can read a book in more than one language. Well done Arnav, thank you for sharing your special things. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Where the wild things are!

Wow I have been amazed by the room 16 superstars today! They have begun retelling the story of 'Where the wild things are' and I am so proud of their writing. Once they have finished their writing it will be displayed in the classroom so please come and have a read.

Here is part of Kaydee's writing from today.

'One starry night there was a little boy named Max. He disobeyed his mum and she sent him to bed perishing with hunger! Then he built a tent in his room. All of a sudden trees began to grow! He went in a deserted forest and then he saw a private boat for Max. So he jumped in and sailed through night and day. Max saw the wild things and they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth. Max said "Let the wild rumpus begin!" They called him the most wildest thing of all. '

Here is part of Jada's writing.

'One magical night Max got up to all kinds of mischief. He disobeyed him mum and built a tent in his room. Suddenly green trees started to surround him and his bed inked out and a private boat was lying in the ocean for Max. Max quickly jumped aboard and he sailed over a year to where the wild things are. Then Max arrived at the island.'

I just can't wait to see what they write next...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Where the wild things are

Today we used the thesaurus to help us find some WOW vocabulary to describe some of the characters and settings within the story. Here are some of our amazing sentences we are going to try and use in our narratives tomorrow.

"Max tiptoed into the forest. The forest was wild and spooky."

"Max stumbled through the lonely, dark forest."

"The wild things were very scared of Max and called him the wildest thing of all."

"The clouds are stormy and the lightning crashed."

"The ugly, silly wild things partied all night until the morning."

"The clouds were stormy, grey and fluffy."

"Max rumbled through the huge, bushy forest."

Where the wild things are!

This week we have been reading the book 'Where the wild things are'. We began by story mapping the text and orally retelling the story using actions. From this we sequenced the parts of the book thinking about the problem and the solution and what happened at the different parts of the book. After that we used a thesaurus to think of some super vocabulary to help us create a character description for Max and for the wild things. Here are some photos of our Literacy work so far.

Getting to know each other: Sheen's Brown bag autobiography

Today Sheen shared his five special items with us at the end of the day. In the photo Sheen is showing us some slime that his sister made for him at home. He enjoyed telling us the ingredients and what the slime felt like. He also showed us a helicopter that turned into a person, a special photo, a cuddly toy monkey that his Grandma bought for him and a shiny, red Lightning McQueen car. Thank you for sharing this with us Sheen, we loved learning more about you!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Getting to know each other: Mikayla's Brown bag autobiography

Today we listened to Mikayla sharing five special things with us. Mikayla showed us a beautiful notebook where she writes stories, draws pictures and sticks stickers. We loved the jewels on the front. In the photo below Mikayla is showing us a whiteboard pen and rubber. She put these in her bag because not only does she love writing on the whiteboard but she wants to be a teacher when she is older. I think you will be an amazing teacher Mikayla. Thank you for sharing your special things with Room 16.

Getting to know each other: Armaan's Brown bag autobiography

We enjoyed hearing about all of the wonderful things that Armaan had included in his brown bag. He shared with us his favourite story, a special toy, a photo of his lovely family and his first outfit as a newborn baby. Armaan found it funny to think that he used to wear such tiny clothes when he was a baby. Thank you for sharing these things with us Armaan - we look forward to listening to your favourite story.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Getting to know each other: Jada's Brown bag Autobiography

Jada had lots of things to share with us today and we loved hearing about them. She showed us a photo of her lovely dog Bella and told us lots of information about her. We all enjoyed hearing about how she is a working dog. In the photo Jada is showing us a tile that she painting in Canada. We loved the colours she used and how she had a maple leaf to represent Canada on it. Thank you for sharing Jada - we loved learning more about you!

Getting to know each other: Eli's Brown bag Autobiography

We loved hearing about what is special Eli. Eli is a super reader and he particularly enjoyed sharing some of his favourite books. He chose Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and The Witches to share with us. He showed us his favourite illustration in The Witches and shared why he enjoyed both of these stories. We all love reading in Room 16 so we enjoyed hearing about these book recommendations. Thank you Eli!

Getting to know each other: Colbie's Brown bag Autobiography

Colbie was the first person in Room 16 to bring her Brown bag Autobiography back to school. We really enjoyed learning more about what is special to Colbie. The picture shows Colbie sharing the lip balm that she made alongside her sister. She explained to us that it is natural and good because it does not contain palm oil. Colbie and Aly sold these to raise money for orangutans. What an amazing thing to do - well done Colbie!

How to be sun smart!

George the sun safe superstar Be sun smart Sun safety Sun safety at school