Friday, March 30, 2018

Don't give up!

We sang this song in assembly on Thursday. We loved the lyrics about not giving up.

Skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s!

We have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100. We will be practicing skip counting forwards and backwards. Have a go at home too!

Counting by 5s

Counting by 2s

Counting by 10s

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Planting our very own beanstalk!

After reading Jack and the Beanstalk and doing some fantastic writing based around the book, we decided to plant our own beans in hope of growing a beanstalk! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Room 16 jobs and responsibilities

We have noticed in our classroom that we need some class jobs to help our classroom run more efficiently. We discussed what jobs we needed and then what sort of person would be perfect for that job. The children then had to write a persuasive letter to convince me that they were the right match. Here are some examples. We think we will rotate them every couple of weeks as it is going to be very tricky to choose!

To Miss Darcy,
I am interested in being a table monitor because I am a good tidier and I am very quick. I think I am good at it because I love keeping the tables tidy so I think it is the perfect job for me. I hope you agree.
From Jada

To Miss Darcy,
Without a doubt I am good for the job because i'd like to be a rubbish collector so our environment will be clean. Also our country will be the cleanest country. I hope you agree.
From Kian

Dear Miss Darcy,
I want to be a library monitor because it is fun. I am sensible and helpful. I love to read books. I will make sure I tidy up the box. I hope you agree.
From Armaan

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Inquiry - Our school community

Within our inquiry we started by looking at who is in our home community. From there we have moved onto thinking about our school community. We made a list of who is in our school community and then we did a 'Compare and contrast' map to look at the similarities and differences between Mr McDonald's job and Mrs Davies-Crook's job. Today we had a go at predicting what might happen if someone was missing from our school community. 

Claudia thought that if Takumi was not here then no-one would fix the ipads. 

Kian thought that if Mr McDonald was not here the gardens would be full of rubbish and weeds. 

Jada thought that if Mrs Tolley wasn't here the phones would just ring all day. 

Eli thought that if Miss Knowles wasn't here then no-one would know when Junior Assembly would begin. 

Braxton thought that if Mrs Davies-Crook wasn't here then no-one would look after the school and Colbie thought that the money might get stolen. 

Safe walking with Constable Cyrus

Last week we practised 'Safe walking' with Constable Cyrus. The children remembered to 'Stop, look and listen' and were fantastic at watching out for sneaky driveways. A special thank you to the lovely parents who came to help us - we couldn't have done it without you. 

Well done everyone! 

Getting to know each other: Samuel's Brown bag autobiography

Samuel had lots of exciting things to share with us from inside his brown bag. Samuel showed us a photograph of him and his sister with a huge watermelon that he had grown in the garden. We loved hearing about how long it took to grow and all the other vegetables that Samuel grows in his garden. When we do some planting in the class we know who we will call upon to help. Thank you Samuel. 

Getting to know each other: Eesha's Brown bag autobiography

Eesha was super excited to share her brown bag with us and we were excited to hear what she had to share with us. Eesha showed us some of her favourite toys and in the picture below she showed us a photo of her family. She told us about how her family are really special to her and she loves them. Thank you for sharing Eesha! 

Getting to know each other: Catherine's Brown bag autobiography

Catherine had lots of exciting things inside her brown bag to show us. In the photo below she is showing us a picture of her family at the Sky tower. We loved sharing our experiences of the Sky tower. Also Catherine showed us a beautiful bracelet with charms and beads on that she has been collecting. We loved learning more about you Catherine! 

Getting to know each other: Kian's Brown bag autobiography

Kian was really creative with his brown bag autobiography. Alongside his family he created a book all about him. As he read the book we found out that Kian loves playing on the ipad and we also found out his favourite food and about some of his favourite holidays. What a lovely book to make as a family - we loved reading it. Thank you for sharing Kian!

Getting to know each other: Ansh's Brown bag autobiography

We enjoyed listening to Ansh tell us all about the things that are special to him. He showed us a photo of him on his bike. We all thought his bike looked awesome! Ansh also showed us a red car that he has got - I think it was a Ferrari. In the photo below Ansh is showing us a policeman because he would love to be a police officer when he is older because he wants to catch anyone speeding. Thanks for sharing this with us Ansh!

How to be sun smart!

George the sun safe superstar Be sun smart Sun safety Sun safety at school