Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Inquiry - Our school community

Within our inquiry we started by looking at who is in our home community. From there we have moved onto thinking about our school community. We made a list of who is in our school community and then we did a 'Compare and contrast' map to look at the similarities and differences between Mr McDonald's job and Mrs Davies-Crook's job. Today we had a go at predicting what might happen if someone was missing from our school community. 

Claudia thought that if Takumi was not here then no-one would fix the ipads. 

Kian thought that if Mr McDonald was not here the gardens would be full of rubbish and weeds. 

Jada thought that if Mrs Tolley wasn't here the phones would just ring all day. 

Eli thought that if Miss Knowles wasn't here then no-one would know when Junior Assembly would begin. 

Braxton thought that if Mrs Davies-Crook wasn't here then no-one would look after the school and Colbie thought that the money might get stolen. 

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