Monday, March 19, 2018

Room 16 jobs and responsibilities

We have noticed in our classroom that we need some class jobs to help our classroom run more efficiently. We discussed what jobs we needed and then what sort of person would be perfect for that job. The children then had to write a persuasive letter to convince me that they were the right match. Here are some examples. We think we will rotate them every couple of weeks as it is going to be very tricky to choose!

To Miss Darcy,
I am interested in being a table monitor because I am a good tidier and I am very quick. I think I am good at it because I love keeping the tables tidy so I think it is the perfect job for me. I hope you agree.
From Jada

To Miss Darcy,
Without a doubt I am good for the job because i'd like to be a rubbish collector so our environment will be clean. Also our country will be the cleanest country. I hope you agree.
From Kian

Dear Miss Darcy,
I want to be a library monitor because it is fun. I am sensible and helpful. I love to read books. I will make sure I tidy up the box. I hope you agree.
From Armaan

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