Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Another great day learning about Anzac day!

Today we wrote acrostic poems about Anzac day. They are amazing, I put them up on the wall straight away! Well done Room 16.

By Sheen

By Jada

By Braxton

By Hartley

By Eesha


We have been learning about multiplication in maths and what this means. We worked in a trio today to explore different multiplication strategies. We looked at the multiplication sum, groups of, arrays and repeated addition.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Anzac Day - 25th April

Over the week we are going to be learning about Anzac day, what it represents and why it is important. Today we watched a clip on youtube about Anzac day and read a story called 'Anzac puppy'. After that we wrote descriptions of what Anzac day is and why it is an important day. Over the next few days we are going to be writing acrostic poems and writing letters as if we were one of the soldiers. 

Anzac day is a day we celebrate all about the soldiers. Over 8000 soldiers died. Australia and New Zealand celebrate Anzac day. They were fighting for 8 months. We wear red poppies to show respect. They fought for their country. The soldiers knew that winning was impossible but they didn't give up. Lest we forget. 
By Mikayla   

Anzac day is a special day because brave powerful soldiers risked their lives to fight for their country. During the first fight lots of people died. Over 8000 soldiers died during the first fight. They were fighting for 8 months. The soldiers knew that winning was impossible but they still did the fighting. This is why New Zealanders and Australians celebrate Anzac day.
By Javiera

Anzac day is a very special day for New Zealanders and Australians. The soldiers were fighting for 8 months and the soldiers knew it was impossible. We remember the soldiers on the 25th April every year. They were fighting for their countries for freedom. We wear red poppies to show our respect. Over 8000 soldiers died. We will never forget them.
 By Kaydee

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Something very scary

This week we have been reading 'Something very scary'. We are writing our own stories about a scary animal hidden in a hole. We started today and our focus was using adjectives and verbs. We have tried to hook the reader into wanted to find out what happens next. I think they are fantastic, I can't wait to read what all the animals are. The children have asked if they can publish them when we are finished because they are so proud of them, so they will be on our wall once they are finished.

One sunny day I hesitantly glanced into a dark, spooky hole. I couldn't believe my eyes! I saw six, shiny eyes peering back at me and a paw sticking out, what could it be? I went to get some crunchy carrots to entice the animals out. 
By Claudia

One foggy day I slowly, nervously peeked into a frightening hole. I couldn't believe my eyes...I saw eight bright yellow eyes. 
By Sakheesh

One evening I cautiously peeped into a mysterious hole. I couldn't believe my eyes...I saw two blue, flaming eyes staring back. What could it be? I went to get dark, brown chocolate to lure the creature out. 
By Ansh

The smartest giant in town

We loved reading 'The smartest giant in town'. We have been doing lots of amazing writing based around the book. We were trying to use adjectives and similes to describe.
Here are some for you to read...

The colossal giant is as tall as a beanstalk. He thought he was the smartest giant. His little, dark brown shoes didn't fit him so he squeezed into them. He can almost reach the sky. He is as sleepy as a cat. He has old tattered clothes and he has messy, scruffy hair. He looks like he has never had a bath before. 
By Catherine

The humungous giant is so scruffy and tall and he is so old. He as tattered clothes and his hair is messed up. Also he has aged, small sandals. 
By Samuel

The enormous giant has scruffy clothes and hair. His enormous shoes are old. He felt sad when his pants fell down. 
By Ukura

We also wrote some thank you letters from the animals that the giant helped.

To the kindest giant in town, 
I am very thankful for the shiny belt that you gave me. Without your belt I would be stuck in the gooey mud. The belt is strong and nice. It makes a good bridge. 
Thank you, 
The dog
By Amelia

How to be sun smart!

George the sun safe superstar Be sun smart Sun safety Sun safety at school