Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Something very scary

This week we have been reading 'Something very scary'. We are writing our own stories about a scary animal hidden in a hole. We started today and our focus was using adjectives and verbs. We have tried to hook the reader into wanted to find out what happens next. I think they are fantastic, I can't wait to read what all the animals are. The children have asked if they can publish them when we are finished because they are so proud of them, so they will be on our wall once they are finished.

One sunny day I hesitantly glanced into a dark, spooky hole. I couldn't believe my eyes! I saw six, shiny eyes peering back at me and a paw sticking out, what could it be? I went to get some crunchy carrots to entice the animals out. 
By Claudia

One foggy day I slowly, nervously peeked into a frightening hole. I couldn't believe my eyes...I saw eight bright yellow eyes. 
By Sakheesh

One evening I cautiously peeped into a mysterious hole. I couldn't believe my eyes...I saw two blue, flaming eyes staring back. What could it be? I went to get dark, brown chocolate to lure the creature out. 
By Ansh

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