Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The smartest giant in town

We loved reading 'The smartest giant in town'. We have been doing lots of amazing writing based around the book. We were trying to use adjectives and similes to describe.
Here are some for you to read...

The colossal giant is as tall as a beanstalk. He thought he was the smartest giant. His little, dark brown shoes didn't fit him so he squeezed into them. He can almost reach the sky. He is as sleepy as a cat. He has old tattered clothes and he has messy, scruffy hair. He looks like he has never had a bath before. 
By Catherine

The humungous giant is so scruffy and tall and he is so old. He as tattered clothes and his hair is messed up. Also he has aged, small sandals. 
By Samuel

The enormous giant has scruffy clothes and hair. His enormous shoes are old. He felt sad when his pants fell down. 
By Ukura

We also wrote some thank you letters from the animals that the giant helped.

To the kindest giant in town, 
I am very thankful for the shiny belt that you gave me. Without your belt I would be stuck in the gooey mud. The belt is strong and nice. It makes a good bridge. 
Thank you, 
The dog
By Amelia

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