Monday, May 28, 2018

Array City

We made an array city showing lots of different multiplication arrays. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chasing Cheetahs!

This week we have focusing on information writing and have written some fantastic reports on cheetahs. They are displayed in the classroom on our 'Work to be proud of' wall. Please come and have a read, the children are very proud of their writing and couldn't wait to publish it today. Here are some super examples:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Science in a van!

'Today I was extremely excited because we went to Science in a van. When we went inside the hall I was amazed to see a chair with nails on top. After a while the people who were doing the tricks came out. The trick was to look in the wheel that was spinning and then we looked at Alan's head. It got bigger than last time. Then the people did the trick again but this time Alan's head shrank and best of all everyone was there!'
By Javiera

'Today I was excited because I went to Science in a van. I walked into the hall and I was very very surprised because I saw a chair covered in nails. I wondered what was going on. The first thing we did was watch a black and white spinning plate. I was surprised because when we turned at Alan his head had expanded!'
By Arnav

'Today was Science in a van. I felt pleased because I love bubbles. My favourite part was when the balloon got blown up. Alan used helium. The bubbles were big. Alan's head shrunk and his head also got bigger.'
By Hartley 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wastewise Wednesday winners!!!

Well done Room 16 for being so environmentally friendly. We are the Wastewise Wednesday winners 👍

Autumn writing

Image result for autumn

Using Autumn as a stimulus we have been trying to write a description that creates a picture for the reader. Can you imagine what we might be describing when reading these super descriptions? 

'As I bolt amongst the dark brown trees I realised the dazzling sun spots my body and twinkles on me. The enchanted forest looks pretty magical. The leaves are not green, they are shades of brown. In the distance I see a humongous pile of leaves. I can't wait to boost up and jump in it!'
By Eli

'As I walk through the sparkling forest I notice the leaves have fallen down and the leaves had changed colour. They are now beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange. Then...what is that? It's a big pile of leaves. As quick as a flash I run as fast as I can. I am so excited so I jump in. The leaves go from side to side like they are dancing like beautiful ballerinas!'
By Claudia

Our new inquiry topic - Change!

We have had a great start to our new inquiry topic - CHANGE!

We have been learning about new words like melting, dissolving, heating, cooling, freezing, mixing, solids, liquids and gases.

We discussed and explored the quickest way to melt chocolate. We tested putting it in the sun, squashing it in our hands, putting it in our mouths and just sitting it on a plate. Can you guess which might have been the most popular?


We had lots of fun with the Play ball teachers today! We loved the game where you had to duck under the helicopter and jump over the fire. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ratty Tatty Cat

This week we have been reading Ratty Tatty Cat. We have had great fun writing descriptions of Coco and following step by step instructions to draw a cat. Here are some examples of the amazing learning in Room 16:

'This disgusting cat is faster than a cheetah. His teeth are sharper than a shark tooth and a nail and broken glass. His claws are sharper than a knife.'
By Sheen

'Coco is a very ratty tatty cat. He is as scruffy as a rubbish bin. As he prowls through the alley quietly his eyes are as shiny as emeralds. Coco's claws are as sharp as ice skating blades. His fur is as tangled as tangled hair. He is boisterous. '
By Arnav

'This boisterous, scruffy cat has matted, grey fur and dazzling green eyes. He is pretty grumpy sometimes. His claws are as sharp as a knife. His feet are as circle as a wheel and Coco's eyes are as green as juicy leaves. Coco is raucous and he can howl from the top of his lungs. Coco is as loud as a big daddy lion's roar. The ratty tatty cat goes in other people's rubbish cans. Coco is as fast as a cheetah. The ratty tatty cat is stinky and awful.'
By Isla

Can you tell that we have been learning to use similes to add extra detail, make our writing interesting to read and create a picture for the reader?

How to be sun smart!

George the sun safe superstar Be sun smart Sun safety Sun safety at school