Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ratty Tatty Cat

This week we have been reading Ratty Tatty Cat. We have had great fun writing descriptions of Coco and following step by step instructions to draw a cat. Here are some examples of the amazing learning in Room 16:

'This disgusting cat is faster than a cheetah. His teeth are sharper than a shark tooth and a nail and broken glass. His claws are sharper than a knife.'
By Sheen

'Coco is a very ratty tatty cat. He is as scruffy as a rubbish bin. As he prowls through the alley quietly his eyes are as shiny as emeralds. Coco's claws are as sharp as ice skating blades. His fur is as tangled as tangled hair. He is boisterous. '
By Arnav

'This boisterous, scruffy cat has matted, grey fur and dazzling green eyes. He is pretty grumpy sometimes. His claws are as sharp as a knife. His feet are as circle as a wheel and Coco's eyes are as green as juicy leaves. Coco is raucous and he can howl from the top of his lungs. Coco is as loud as a big daddy lion's roar. The ratty tatty cat goes in other people's rubbish cans. Coco is as fast as a cheetah. The ratty tatty cat is stinky and awful.'
By Isla

Can you tell that we have been learning to use similes to add extra detail, make our writing interesting to read and create a picture for the reader?

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