Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Science in a van!

'Today I was extremely excited because we went to Science in a van. When we went inside the hall I was amazed to see a chair with nails on top. After a while the people who were doing the tricks came out. The trick was to look in the wheel that was spinning and then we looked at Alan's head. It got bigger than last time. Then the people did the trick again but this time Alan's head shrank and best of all everyone was there!'
By Javiera

'Today I was excited because I went to Science in a van. I walked into the hall and I was very very surprised because I saw a chair covered in nails. I wondered what was going on. The first thing we did was watch a black and white spinning plate. I was surprised because when we turned at Alan his head had expanded!'
By Arnav

'Today was Science in a van. I felt pleased because I love bubbles. My favourite part was when the balloon got blown up. Alan used helium. The bubbles were big. Alan's head shrunk and his head also got bigger.'
By Hartley 

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