Thursday, June 28, 2018

All about lions!

The watchers: Imaginative writing

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"As Ella staggered through the gigantic forest she gasped because some fierce crows were trying to get that spotty egg! But the crows were actually helping. Bravely Ella found a terrifying cave. Guess what there was inside? There was a family of wild lions. They were kind and incredible. Oh the egg went crack and crack. Oooh this is adorable, a baby pig!" 
By Colbie

"As Mia sprinted through the dark spooky forest she almost tripped over the twisted and tangled branches. Her heart skipped a beat as the crows got nearer and nearer to her because of how fast the black crows were swopping around her. She held on tight to the shiny, magical egg which belonged to her pet dragon. Mia was terrified! Mia spotted a scary cave where her pet dragon lived and she gave the shiny egg to the dragon."
By Kaydee

"As Sarah sprinted through the petrifying forest she was scared. The black terrifying mean crows were trying to get her egg! She was petrified! She never gave up! As she was running a 'crack' sound happened. Her heart skipped a beat because the egg had cracked a teeny weeny bit. Then she finally reached the dragons cave!"
By Ansh

The troll: Imaginative writing

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'Scared, nervous, petrified I peered out my window and saw...a massive troll! It was getting nearer and nearer. I saw a giant eye. The roof was being picked up by the remarkable troll. Suddenly I saw the sky! "Where is my roof" I cried. The enormous creature said "excuse me, where is the beach?". I shyly said "It's over the hill" "Ok" he said "Goodbye".'
By Claudia

'As I peer through my window I saw a marvellous troll. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. I shook like wobbly jelly. "Where's my roof?" I whispered. A handsome troll said "Do you want a boat ride your highness?" "Oh yes please" I said.'
By Mikayla

'Closer and closer it came, it got bigger and bigger...I saw a colossal eye. I hid quietly under my bed. I felt scared, terrified and miserable. It said "can you tell me where the sea is?" Then I peered out of my secret hideout and my heart skipped a beat. I didn't know the troll was friendly. I crawled out to say hello'. It had actually got lost. It wanted to sail back to the monster world so she can be fed. I said "You are too big to go on that small boat."
By Catherine

Science Roadshow with Year 3 and 4

Yesterday we were really lucky to be invited to the Year 3 and 4's science roadshow. They showed us 7 different experiments, we had a fantastic afternoon.

Mentos and coke experiment!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Skittle Experiment!

Another week, another experiment. Today we observed what happened when we mixed skittles with water. We loved watching the rainbow form and were curious as to why the colours didn't mix. We were pleased because lots of our predictions were correct. Well done Room 16!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Making ice cream!!

Well today was a messy but yummy experiment...we made ice cream!! We first had to mix cream, milk, sugar and vanilla essence in a small freezer bag. Then we put the small bag inside a bigger bag that was full of ice and salt. We then had to rub the bags together to cool the mixture down in the hope of making ice cream. We had to work really well as a team, taking turns. Here are some photos...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Painting our clay bowls!

After moulding our clay bowls last week and eagerly waiting for them to harden, we finally got to paint them today!
The finished bowls look fantastic!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The amazing octopus!

Image result for octopus
We got a non-fiction book out of the library about octopuses and couldn't wait to write about them. They are amazing animals and we learnt so many interesting facts.

What I eat?
The octopus eats fish and crabs.
What eats me?
Did you know dolphins eat octopuses? If they rip off their tentacle then the octopus will grow a new one. If an enormous fish eats all the octopuses tentacles then it will die. 
By Sheen

Clever octopuses
Smart octopuses have about 1,900 suckers. Amazingly octopuses have three hearts and they also have blue blood. Experts believe that octopuses have an extra large brain to think. 
What I eat?
As daylight fades an octopus goes hunting and it eats fish, shellfish and crabs. The tough octopus sees its prey and eats it with its beak. It puts venomous saliva into the prey.
What eats me?
Sometimes a predator comes and pulls off one tentacle. 
By Ansh

The smart octopus can camouflage and they have eight legs. Did you know octopuses have blue blood?
By Armaan

Plastic pollution

Image result for picture of bird caught in bag
After seeing this picture we decided to write about the plastic problem and how it is affecting the oceans and the animals within and around them. 

The plastic ocean
Sadly people are not looking after the sea and animals are dying. It is sad. Unfortunately 1 million birds have died. We have to look after the animals. 
By Hartley

Plastic in the ocean
People are not taking care of the world. Did you know that 100,000 mammals are being killed each year? The turtles are being killed because the plastic looks like jelly fish. People don't care and sadly birds are getting stuck in the plastic and can't fly, run or eat. You should care for our ocean. You need to remind yourself to use re-useable bags.
By Eesha

Plastic in our ocean
Did you know plastic is getting thrown into the ocean? Scientists say that animals are getting killed by the plastic and it takes 500 to 1000 years for it to degrade. Shockingly one million birds are dying. Unfortunately more than 50% of sea turtles have consumed plastic.
By Eli

Kiwi sport dance

How to be sun smart!

George the sun safe superstar Be sun smart Sun safety Sun safety at school