Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The amazing octopus!

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We got a non-fiction book out of the library about octopuses and couldn't wait to write about them. They are amazing animals and we learnt so many interesting facts.

What I eat?
The octopus eats fish and crabs.
What eats me?
Did you know dolphins eat octopuses? If they rip off their tentacle then the octopus will grow a new one. If an enormous fish eats all the octopuses tentacles then it will die. 
By Sheen

Clever octopuses
Smart octopuses have about 1,900 suckers. Amazingly octopuses have three hearts and they also have blue blood. Experts believe that octopuses have an extra large brain to think. 
What I eat?
As daylight fades an octopus goes hunting and it eats fish, shellfish and crabs. The tough octopus sees its prey and eats it with its beak. It puts venomous saliva into the prey.
What eats me?
Sometimes a predator comes and pulls off one tentacle. 
By Ansh

The smart octopus can camouflage and they have eight legs. Did you know octopuses have blue blood?
By Armaan

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