Thursday, June 28, 2018

The troll: Imaginative writing

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'Scared, nervous, petrified I peered out my window and saw...a massive troll! It was getting nearer and nearer. I saw a giant eye. The roof was being picked up by the remarkable troll. Suddenly I saw the sky! "Where is my roof" I cried. The enormous creature said "excuse me, where is the beach?". I shyly said "It's over the hill" "Ok" he said "Goodbye".'
By Claudia

'As I peer through my window I saw a marvellous troll. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. I shook like wobbly jelly. "Where's my roof?" I whispered. A handsome troll said "Do you want a boat ride your highness?" "Oh yes please" I said.'
By Mikayla

'Closer and closer it came, it got bigger and bigger...I saw a colossal eye. I hid quietly under my bed. I felt scared, terrified and miserable. It said "can you tell me where the sea is?" Then I peered out of my secret hideout and my heart skipped a beat. I didn't know the troll was friendly. I crawled out to say hello'. It had actually got lost. It wanted to sail back to the monster world so she can be fed. I said "You are too big to go on that small boat."
By Catherine

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