Thursday, June 28, 2018

The watchers: Imaginative writing

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"As Ella staggered through the gigantic forest she gasped because some fierce crows were trying to get that spotty egg! But the crows were actually helping. Bravely Ella found a terrifying cave. Guess what there was inside? There was a family of wild lions. They were kind and incredible. Oh the egg went crack and crack. Oooh this is adorable, a baby pig!" 
By Colbie

"As Mia sprinted through the dark spooky forest she almost tripped over the twisted and tangled branches. Her heart skipped a beat as the crows got nearer and nearer to her because of how fast the black crows were swopping around her. She held on tight to the shiny, magical egg which belonged to her pet dragon. Mia was terrified! Mia spotted a scary cave where her pet dragon lived and she gave the shiny egg to the dragon."
By Kaydee

"As Sarah sprinted through the petrifying forest she was scared. The black terrifying mean crows were trying to get her egg! She was petrified! She never gave up! As she was running a 'crack' sound happened. Her heart skipped a beat because the egg had cracked a teeny weeny bit. Then she finally reached the dragons cave!"
By Ansh

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