Monday, July 30, 2018

2D shapes

To begin our shape topic in Maths we looked at different 2D shapes and started to talk about their properties. Here are some of our shape pictures.

By Arnav

By Colbie

International day of friendship!

Yesterday was International Day of Friendship! We spoke about what makes a good friend and what attributes we have that are important in friendship. Here is some of our writing. 

I have heaps of special friends but my best friend is Claudia. She is my best friend because she is friendly, kind and helpful. She is also caring, thoughtful, nice, funny and honest. Whenever I am sad she cheers me up by being funny and whenever I need her she's always there. I am a good friend because I am helpful, loyal, caring and funny. Even though Cheyenne is in a different school she's still my special friend as well. Our favourite thing to do is play on bouncy castles. 
By Catherine

My special friend is Kian because he always asks me if I want to play Sushi car. I always say yes because i'm bored. He always helps me to figure things out so whenever I don't know something he will give me a clue. Kian is kind because he cares. He is funny because he plays funny tricks. 
By Samuel

How to be sun smart!

George the sun safe superstar Be sun smart Sun safety Sun safety at school